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Ricardo Topete 

Owner || Videographer || Storyteller

I am an aspiring videographer and filmmaker who has a sincere interest in sharing stories through the visual arts. Recently relocating from the West Coast to the Philadelphia area, I’ve been eager to learn and grow as a filmmaker within the local community.


With a diverse background in interpersonal communication and a passion for storytelling, I believe I have a unique perspective on how to bring stories to life through film. Though I strive to do my best with every project, whether it be a feature film or corporate video, I aim to remain humble and aware of the room for growth and improvement in my craft.


In my free time, I enjoy exploring the city, exercising, and dancing! I am grateful for any opportunities to develop and showcase my abilities as a filmmaker and am excited to learn from and be a part of the thriving film community in Philadelphia.


Overall, I am a driven and talented individual who values the art of visual storytelling. With a humble approach and a willingness to learn, I am eager to contribute to the film industry and share my perspectives with the world.

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